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Art Against the War

Updated: May 3, 2023

Nefblam, And the Horrors of War, drawing on paper, 2022

The eyes darkened at the prophets’ voices…


Bartosz Podgórski, The colon, ink on paper, 2022

The colons are usually vertical, and they are always followed by something, a counting out, that I should buy swallows, raspberry jam and necessarily turtle food. All of this is for life. Here the colon is in a horizontal position, as if it lay down and died. Nothing comes after it, everyone kills himself first in order to be able to kill someone. Nobody wins, when death comes first.


Paweł Wachnicki, Ukraine 2022, digital image

I took my photo after the Russians attacked Ukraine, before Bucha, Borodyanka, Irpin', Mariupol and many, many other Russian crimes; now - I don't know, what it would have to look like to convey what I feel.


Nefblam (Zuzanna Romańska) was born in 2001 in Cracow. Second-year student at the Painting Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. She is engaged in painting, drawing, video, music and poetry. Her creativity relates to the theme of trauma and metaphorical transition from darkness to light.

Bartosz Podgórski Architect, painter, icon writer, poet, mystic. His passion and inner blend of unearthly peace with artistic anxiety, however, burst the frames of these categories. His architectural passion can be seen in the house, which is the seat of the Studio of Icons of Our Lady of Sorrows. He designed this unusual structure with rounded shapes and built it together with his late father-in-law. The heart of this house is the stove, fire and light. There Bartosz creates icons, writes poems, plays strange, unknown instruments, prays, eating the words of the Psalms every morning. (…)

Jarema Piekutowski

Paweł Wachnicki is interested in the theory of architecture and its relations with philosophy, especially where they allow to see details that are difficult to notice, which, when applied to the whole, can radically change its perception and, consequently, the attitude of those who see it.

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