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El Águila

“El Águila” is my second public sculpture in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and like the first one, it was carved out of an existing tree trunk that was left unattended. This tree was approximately 200 years old, an indigenous species called by the locals 'Maria.' Ironically, the tree was destroyed by Hurricane Maria.

Over roughly two centuries of its growth, the tree went through a lot, which I could see marked when I was carving it into a sculpture. When I am asked about the inspiration for my sculpture, I say, 'the life story of the tree.' It is as if I am writing a biography of its life. The tree, in its lifespan, turned almost 90 degrees to the left, like in a slow dance, which I hope I have made visible now.

This sculpture, evoking a bird rising in flight, is my way of honoring San Juan, the city that recently became my new home.


Thank you,


Bolek Ryziński

Bolek Ryziński, born April 18th, 1952 in Międzyzdroje, Poland.

Architect, sculptor, photographer.


Unveiling of “El Águila” (Eagle) sculpture

San Juan, PR

April 18th, 2024

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