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BEUYS 2021. 100 Years of Joseph Beuys (May 12, 1921-January 23,1986)

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Every man is the artist. J.B.

Olga Szulc, Beuys!, digital collage*, May 2021


Art Educator









the most influential thinker among artists of the postwar generation

a symbolist, an expressionist, a mystical romanticist

the most prophetic voice

the Picasso of the avant-garde

showman as well as shaman

Let Beuys himself tell us about his oeuvre:

Joseph Beuys interviewed by William Furlong and Michael Newman at the Victoria and Albert Museum, 1983.

To follow up:

Joseph Beuys in America: Energy plan for the Western Man (writings by and interviews with the artist, with introductory essays by Kim Levin and Caroline Tisdall, compiled by Carin Kuoni);

Four Walls, Eight Windows, 1990

Joseph Beuys by Heiner Stachelhaus, translated by David Britt;

Abbeville Press Publishers New York London Paris, 1991

Joseph Beuys The Reader, edited and translated by Claudia Mesch and Viola Michely;

The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2007

*in this collage: J.B.,Stag, ferric chloride, pencil on paper, 1957; still image from the video:

I Like America and America Likes Me. Produced by René Block Gallery, New York, 1974

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1 Comment

Świetny wpis - jako pokłon ku pamięci artysty i jako niezależny, sam w sobie wart uwagi collage. Dzięki.

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