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We are committed to the development of “theatre arts without borders”

bringing the rich tradition of Polish theater to the United States.

Introducing Polish and Polish-American

plays, poetry and music to new audiences, we foster appreciation of the diversity inherent in America’s cultural heritage.



The Polish Theatre Institute is a nonprofit organization, active since 1980, dedicated to creating, producing

and presenting diverse theatre experiences that build bridges across social boundaries. In particular,

we try to reach generations that are often underserved, preparing distinct, interactive

programs for seniors and for young students. 

Education is fundamental to PTI’s mission, and

we fulfill our commitment through the diversified

program “Education Through Theatre” that allows us 

to share our theatre expertise and passion with students, parents and teachers.


Furthermore, we want to nurture the professional development of theatre artists of

Polish origins, building networks of contacts and support.

Whether we address general audience, the elderly or the very young, we are driven by the belief that theatre is an essential cultural force that can offer a transformative experience. Increasing empathy, open-mindedness and mutual understanding,

it celebrates life.

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