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The Best New Artist - the 2022 Latin Grammy's

Updated: Jul 2

This year at the Latin Grammy Awards, there was a lovely double win for the Best New Artist: 95 years old Angela Álvarez, the Cuban American musician from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and 25 years old Silviana Estrada from Mexico. Álvarez gave her first public concert at the age of 90, at the Avalon, the historic Hollywood nightclub, which was organized by her grandson, Carlos, and hosted by the popular actor and fellow Cuban Andy García.

“To those who have yet to make their dreams come true, know that although life is hard, there’s always a way out and with faith and love everything can be achieved… There are people who give up, but I did not give up – I always fought,” Álvarez said during her acceptance speech, which she dedicated to Cuba. “I promise you – it’s never too late.”

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